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DRX-I-300C Intelligent Thermal Physics Properties Parameters Testing Equipment

DRX-I-300C Intelligent Thermal Physics Properties Parameters Testing Equipment
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DRX-I-300C Intelligent Thermal Physics Properties Parameters Testing Equipment 

Main technical parameters:
1. Experimental temperature is room temperature. DRX-I-300B is to increase the low temperature (negative temperature) system for negative studies, permafrost , low temperature materials thermal physics properties parameters test
  DRX-I-300A is for high-temperature materials thermal properties parameters test
  DRX-I-300C is normal temperature material thermal properties parameters test;
2. Sample box size: 250 × 250 × 250 (mm) or ¢ 50 * 50 (mm) ;
3. Experimental device is made up of constant temperature system, temperature measurement system,sample box and computer testing system;
4. Incubators are next to the sample box. The two incubators are respectively provided  circulating temperature by the constant temperature water tanks;
5. Temperature measurement system uses a high-precision platinum resistance thermometers, which is connected to data acquisition system. This instrument can achieve fully automatic testing and analysis, experiment report and the experimental data automatically record storage through the computer software;
6. Heating source uses DC heating to ensure constant power;
7. Test temperature accuracy: 0.1 oC/ 0.01 oC, the test results accuracy: three decimals;
8. Power: 220V/50HZ, the total power consumption is not more than 1KW.

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