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SYD (Cement) Concrete Bending &Crush Resistance Tester

SYD (Cement) Concrete Bending &Crush Resistance Tester
Product Detailed

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SYD(Cement) Concrete bending & crush resistance tester

 The test machine is mainly used in testing concrete sample rupture strength and cement, rubber sand and red brick and other duilding materials compression strength. It can also used to test motar sample,concrete quick test sample and other nonmetalic materials compression strength. The product is in line with the requirements of the standard in GB/T3722. Adopt hydraulic pressure loading, electronic force measurement, with digital loading display,loading rate display,the maximum loading display,and overload protection and outage data protection and other functions.

Main features:
1. This tester uses high-precision sensors and digital display device (with the computer system which can store, consult and print test results);
2. It uses rotary bar to adjust compression space in order to greatly accelerate the progress schedule;
3. Doing bending resistance tests by increasing bending resistance tool;

4. It dont need to debug after smooth landing, refueling and energizing it can work;
5. Users can use the "Manual" to  calibrate bs its calibration is simple;
    Main technical parameters:
1. The maximum load: 30KN, 50KN, 100KN, 200KN, 300KN and so on;

2. Showing value relative error: ± 1%;

3. Hydraulic pump rated pressure: 25MPa;
4. Bending resistance roller diameter: 30mm;

5. The max distance of upper and lower bending resistance roller: 165mm;

6. The center distance between two upper bending resistance roller: 150mm;
7. The center distance between two lower bending resistance roller: 450mm;   

8. Bear plate size: 155mm;

9. The max distance of upper and lower plate: 230mm;
10. The piston diameter and the max journey: 125mm × 80mm; piston journey: 120mm;

11. Motor power: 0.75KW;
12. Overall dimensions: (factory) 850 × 600 × 1340mm;

13. Constant pressure test function modules can be customized. (User should specify the function requirements in the order).
System configuration: host machine; oil source control cabinet; data devices; hydraulic sensor.

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