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SG-XX-YY series high-temperature tube (gas) electric furnace

SG-XX-YY series high-temperature tube (gas) electric furnace
Product Detailed

Other furnace can be customized according to the special parameters specifications


SG-XX-YY High-temperature tube (gas) electric furnace (Model: SG-xx-yy-tt vacuum atmosphere furnace)


Main technical parameters: (XX: power, YY: temperature, tt: inner diameter is according to the size of tube furnace)
1. Rated Power: 4KW/8KW/12kw, 380v/220v AC (for selection);
2. Furnace tube: inner diameter 30-100, length :200-1000mm, the user can select;
3. Rated temperature(oC):1200 , 1400 / 1600 , the user can select (ceramic tube, corundum tube, quartz tube is available)
Furnace tube material: 99.99% pure corundum, temperature resistance 1750oC
Heating elements: resistance wire, silicon carbon bar, the molybdenum silicide bar  different temperatures have different materials;
4. Room temperature ~ 1600 oCcontinuously adjustable (± 1 oC), Programmable heating rate, 0 ~ 10 oC/ min
Over 50 procedures can set PID intelligent adjustment, studio temperature uniformity (± 2 oC/ CM);
Constant temperature zone length: 100mm, 200mm, 300mm,

furnace heating time ≤ 180 min
Insulation materials: polycrystalline  mullite fiber;

5. We can add protection atmosphere to the furnace and the atmosphere flow can be adjustable.
type of gas: argon, nitrogen and other gases. Hydrogen gas and other reducing atmosphere shoulde be indicated in the order;
6. Conventional furnace tube size: inner diameter φ80mm, length 1000mm; constant temperature area length: 600mm;
7. The Ultimate vacuum:

 lst grade rotary mechanical pump: The ultimate vacuum :-0.1Mpa.
The ultimate vacuum of scattered pump:  10-3Pa, The Ultimate vacuum of molecular pump :10-5Pa;
8. It can be heated by vacuum and protection atmosphere. At both ends of furnace tube there are wind shoes that have cooling water device; The two ends both include quartz observation holes  quartz observation hole effective diameter ≥ 60mm);
9. The product is horizontal structure, the furnace and the the control console is split style (or can set by the user). The studio is the tubular structure and the pipe diameter and  constant temperature zone length are customized by the user; recycled water and gas source should be fitout;
10. Accessories & spare parts: basic configuration: the host (including the furnace, temperature control system, gas control system, vacuum system, mechanical pump)
Accessories: low-vacuum gauge, three-phase power supply wire; spare parts and wearing parts: vacuum gauge, power fuse tube.

Other furnace can be customized according to the special parameters specifications.

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