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GFT High-temperature Contact Angle Analyzer

GFT High-temperature Contact Angle Analyzer
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    GFT  High-Temperature Contact Angle Analyzer


The instrument is a high-temperature transmission projection device in testing different materials surface wetting phenomenon at specific temperature environment, and metal materials surface contact angle. It can survey overall process outline change of sintering,softening,melting to liquefying during heating process of various metal,inorganic compound or its mixture. Real time store sample image and the relevant temperature,height etc. informations and provide reference data for calculation of surface tension and wetting angle. With higher temperature measuring precision and measurement repeatability applies to research departments high temperature physical property testing. With high automaticity, reliable simplicity of operation, more particularly suitable for metalallurgy,chemical industry,electricity generation,coal and other enterprises for routine production and inspection..  


Main technical parameters:

1. Test sample images are collected by CCD camera, displayed on the computer. During heating process, all the changes of samples outline have occurred can be observed through the computer;

2. Temperature range: 0 ~ 1550 oC , temperature for long-term use is below 1450oC;

3. Measurement accuracy: ± 0.2% (Full-scale);

4. Temperature Resolution: ± 1oC ;

5. Calefactive furnace is platinum and rhodium furnace (Rh 30%), platinum and rhodium diameter is 0.8mm, and can be up to 1550oC . Molybdenum is also available (in the protection atmosphere environment), the maximum temperature can be 1750oC;

6. Heating temperature is controlled by microprocessor procedures; temperature control thermocouple applies S-type thermocouple, placing inside the furnace wall, educed by the terminal. Temperature control process  is determined by the pre-set temperature curve on the temperature control instrument, and it also can be manually control; 

7. Lighting source adopts instrumental dedicated lights of 6V, 30W, with adjustable brightness or fixed brightness;

8. Temperature control system fastens on the temperature-control chassis, the power supply is single-phase 220V, frequency: 50Hz;

9. Instruments have set up over-temperature protection and over-current protection;

10. In different temperature conditions, the interface of different materials contact angle analysis is completed by computer program.

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