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HF-PJ-10/14 Phase Change Analyzer

HF-PJ-10/14 Phase Change Analyzer
Product Detailed

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    HF-PJ-10/14 Phase Change Analyzer

  Phase change analyzer use expansion method in testing thermal expansion coefficient of metal material,ceramic,refractory and other solid materials, especially corundum,refractory,precision mold shell and core type materials, materials critical temperature and phase change analysis. Provide the necessary test method for factory,scientific academy metal material,ceramic,glaze materials and inorganic material products properties detection and scientific research and teaching.

Main technical parameters:

1. Maximum temperature(oC): 1000 (1400 ), maximum temperature of cooling curve(oC): 1000 (1200), accuracy: less than ± 1oC ;

2. Heating rate: maximum 5 / min, can  achieve rapid heat up. Please make out technical parameters when ordering. Heating rate can be set, power parameters can be automatically / manually adjusted;

3. Supply voltage: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;

4. Max power consumption: ≤ 3.5KW, can heat up by connecting to resistance furnace heating or induction heating furnace;

5. Scope and error of expansion measurement: 0 - 5 mm ± 0.1% FS;

6. Instructions of expansion: digital display;

7. Expansion measurement resolution: 1um;

8. With vacuum device (users need to configure it, vacuum limit: 0.1MPa), and controlled atmosphere . vacuum degree should achieve 10-3pa,when ordering please make out technical parameters requirements;

9. Can complete expansion coefficient tests, materials phase transition temperature tests, and continuous cooling curve test;

10. Sample tube: quartz, AL2O3, etc;

11. Cooling rate: 30oC / sec, 100oC / sec, 200 oC/ sec, cooling ways: cooling air, cooling gas, liquid nitrogen for cooling and other options;

12. CCT curve analyzes pre-test, critical temperature and continuous cooling curve analyze the test;

13.  Automatic analysis software.

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