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DTM-II Dynamic Elastic Modulus&Damping Internal Friction Analyzer

DTM-II Dynamic Elastic Modulus&Damping Internal Friction Analyzer
Product Detailed

We are specialized in tester, instrument&analyzer of ceramics, inorganic non-metallic materials, glass, cement&engineering test.

DTM- II Dynamic elastic modulus of damping internal friction analyzer (Resonance)

The instrument based on dynamic measurement (resonance method), applies completely non destructive testing technology testing dynamic modulus of elasticity and damping internal friction of metal material, engineering ceramic, function ceramic, nonmetal material, graphite material, glass material, polymer composites, concrete. Measure precise resonace frequency,modulus of elasticity,shear modulus and damping and other related technical parameters. The equipment is widely used in factory,research institutions,product quality arbitration detection department measuring of materials modulus of elasticity. It in line with the standard of GB 10700-92 etc.


Main technical parameters:

1. Resonance frequency:

the frequency measurement:
Frequency range: 200HZ-5KHZ, 100HZ-20KHZ.                     Measurement accuracy <0.5%                  

 Frequency resolution: 1Hz
2. Dynamic elastic modulus measurements:
  Measurement Range: elastic  modulus corresponding with the frequency  

  Resolution: 0.05 GPa
Accuracy: 0.1 GPa  can measure other peak frequency modulus quickly  

3. System relative error <± 0.15%;
4. Damping or internal friction :10-5 --- 0.1;
5. Test temperature: room temperature (or high temperature: the maximum temperature :1750oC )

6. Can measure shear modulus
7. Can measure poisson's ratio

8. According to user requirements ,we can provide a computer interface. It has a data storage function, display method, resonant frequency display, elastic modulus display, spectroscopy and internal friction damping display.
9. Different test samples have different test table.



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