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DTM-II-H Dynamic Elastic Modulus Damping Internal Friction Analyzer

DTM-II-H Dynamic Elastic Modulus Damping Internal Friction Analyzer
Product Detailed

We are specialized in tester, instrument&analyzer of ceramics, inorganic non-metallic materials, glass, cement&engineering test.

   DTM-II-H Dynamic Elastic Modulus Damping Internal Friction Analyzer

The dynamic elastic modulus analyzer is in line with the standards: ASTM C-215 and C-666, meets the requirement of concrete dynamic elastic modulus test method in SL352-2006 Hydraulic concrete test procedures. Hydraulic concrete test procedures DLT5150-2001, Hydraulic bituminous concrete test procedures DL-T536-2006, can realize full-auto test and analysis by connecting a computer. DTM-II-X (X-catagories of the measuring object, H-concrete, J-metallic material, S-plastic product, T-carbon material and so on). It is widely used in light industry,metallurgy,building,bridge,hydroelectric and other fields for modulus of elasticity testing and damping internal friction analysis of concrete,carbon,slabstone,glass,brick,plastic and metallic material.

 Main technical parameters:

1. Frequency range: 10Hz ~ 20kHz, measurement accuracy: <0.5%, frequency resolution: 1Hz;

2. Sampling Range: 10,20, 40 or 80kHz;

3. Spectral resolution: 4.9 ~ 78.1Hz;

4. Level bias voltage output: 9.2V;

5. Accelerometer sensitivity: 9.60mV / g (0.979mV/m/s2);

6. Store multiple readings;

7. Impactor: max exciting force: 20N;

8. Sample size: 150 * 150 * 400mm, rhomboid;

9. Operating temperature: room  temperature to 40oC;

10. Dynamic elastic modulus measurements;

11. Measuring range: elastic modulus corresponding with the frequency;

12. Resolution: 0.05 GPa;

13. Accuracy: 0.1 GPa (can measure quickly other peak frequency modulus);

14. Systematic relative error <± 0.15%;

15. Damping or internal friction :10-5 --- 0.1;

16. Measured shear modulus and Poisson's ratio.

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