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MDZ-II Automatic Density Analyzer

MDZ-II Automatic Density Analyzer
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MDZ-II Automatic density analyzer

The equipment determine real volume of the sample by measuring the decrease of the gas capacity of the instrument sample chamber caused by putting in the sample. Gas can penetrate into tiny pores and surface irragular gap. So the measured sample volume can be used to calculate the sample’s density, measured values are more close to the sample’s true density.

Applies to coal,coke,petroleum coke,coal water slurry,slurry,metal,mineral rock,soil,grain,medicine,ceramic,cement,building materials,refractory,heat barrier material,electrode material,chemical fertilizer,plastic,fibre,catalyzer,coating,chemical products and other materials true density testing.

Test system is consist of sample chamber and reference cell. In testing sample density, place certain volume sample into the sample chamber, then close the sample chamber, the instrument automatic monitor and collect sample chamber pressure; inject (or pull out) a certain amount of gas to sample chamber through reference cell, at the same time monitor the process pressure variations of the sample chamber and reference chamber, work out sample’s volume according to the measured series of pressure values and system parameters of the instrument, then work out sample’s density by the sample’s mass and volume.

Main features:

1. High testing precision, good  accuracy: better than the liquid pycnometer method;
2. Doesnt destroy the sample: It does not change the physical and chemical properties of sample in the testing process (after the test, sample is intact and can be used for other test);
3. Rapid test speed : completing the test process in 3-8 minutes;
4. Wide scope of application: It can measure various powder, granular, bulk solid and non-volatile liquid samples;
5. Widely test range : unlimited size of the sample density;
6. High degree of automation: microprocessor-controlled automatic operation (auto-analysis, computation, display), and has its own fault diagnosis function;
7. Simple operation: step-by-step tips;
Technical parameters:
1. The largest sample volume: 40cm  or according to yr request;

2. Accuracy: better than ± 0.15% ;
3. Repeatability: better than ± 0.05% ;
4. Resolution: 0.0001g/cm;
5. Carrier gas and pressure: pure helium or pure nitrogen, atmospheric pressure is about 1.25;
6. Instrument volume: 385 * 335 * 200mm.

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